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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What causes breast cancer?

About 5% of breast cancer is genetically related. The rest is considered environmentally caused breast cancer, which includes your lifestyle choice. Those with a family history may require closer follow up with two professional clinical breast examinations every year.

What does a complete breast cancer screening consist of?

Complete breast cancer screening includes monthly self-examination, annual clinical breast examination by a healthcare professional, and annual mammography beginning at age 40.

Why should I do a breast self-examination if my healthcare provider examines my breasts when I go for an annual exam?

All women beginning at age 20 should become familiar with their own breast tissue. The goal is to be able to identify any abnormality and bring it to the attention of a healthcare professional for prompt evaluation and early treatment if needed.

Why isn’t ultrasound done alone, instead of mammography?

Research to date has not shown ultrasound alone to be effective for screening for breast cancer. It is useful in conjunction with mammography in diagnostic evaluation of abnormal findings.


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